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Holiday Giveaway Social Post
Social Media

Social Posts

I have created a bunch of social posts for couple of platforms: instagram, facebook, TikTok and so on. From images, gifs to videos, I managed to create the satisfied pieces.

Giveaway post: to match the Black Friday theme, I have used black, white and gold colour. The accessory kit box is rendered in Adobe Dimension. Then the image is composited in Illustrator.

Black Friday Giveaway Social Post
Oslo 3D Customizer Social Post

3D Customizer post: the model has been created in 3D. The post images are collected by taking screenshots and add shadows in PS.

Product intro post: The gif shows 4 different product with their features and prices. 

Accent Chair Social Post GIF
Grammy Chair Social Post

Starting from the black background, all the elements are added separately. From red carpet to the logo board, their red and golden colours are matching with the Grammy theme.

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