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UI Design & Branding

The app is made for Audio lovers. Bright colorful theme brings the modern and chic style. Based on the existing UX, I optimized the UI layout, picked color theme, created the logos and the rest content. It's both functional and visually appealing.

There is an animated circle in the middle showing it is searching for the devices. Its color turns between blue and purple to match the dark colorful background.

UI Layout Find Device 1st Page
UI Layout Find Device 2nd Page
UI Layout Connect Device Page
UI Layout Input Page

Once the devices have been found, a brighter background is shown so that the texts are easier to read.

Those buttons originally show in the white background and shadow stroke. Once hover over, it turns to grey colour. Also the blue stroke is added. 

The text on the top is the title of the page you are in. I have added a layer of transparent color so that it is looking more obvious.

The settings functions include more complex content. You are able to put the context in the button

UI Layout Names Setting Page
UI Layout Wifi Setting Page
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