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Landing Page - Starlight Ceiling Header
Starlight Ceiling

Web Page

Welcome to the landing page of the starlight ceiling website.


The header image is mirrored and turning the star and universe image to the ceiling and screen in the room to showcase how you can bring the universe to you. I came up with the slogan first, then collected the image elements and used photoshop getting the final look.

The website color theme is made of different shades of blue and purple with bright green accent color. Tons of the stars in the background highlighted the starlight ceiling products.

Landing Page - Starlight Ceiling 3 Modes
Landing Page - Starlight Ceiling Shop Now Banner

Two fonts are used in the web pages. The shop now button comes with the out line in bright accent color and will be animated when hover over.

Featured graphics with description are in white color. Compare with the black background with side stars stripe, it demonstrates the strong contrast.

Landing Page - Starlight Ceiling Description and Features
Landing Page - Starlight Ceiling Cases

Our cases combines the real cases that have been installed before. Those gallery photos have been enhanced to have stronger light effect and be more attractive.

Lastly, an installation video instruction have been put. I have picked another starlight picture as the background. The star ceiling in the video melted in the background highlighted the idea again.

Landing Page - Starlight Ceiling Installation
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